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Disability Rights Advocates For Technology, DRAFT, was formed in 2004 as an advocate for the adoption of universally designed technology solutions, believing they were the only sustainable approach for continued improvement of quality life issues affecting people with disabilities and the fast approaching day when the baby boomer generation would become senior citizens.


We continue to believe that the opportunities these solutions offer for extending the independent life of the baby boomer generation and people with disabilities will provide extraordinary benefits to our society as a whole.

The Segs4Vets program which DRAFT started in 2005 was intended to be a real-life example of the benefits derived by the utilization of universally designed technology.

Our continued advocacy for the adoption of public policy and a regulatory environment which will be conducive for innovation and the adoption of universally designed technology solutions we believe will play a critical role in solving the profound economic and social challenges facing our society in caring for the aging baby boomer generation.

Segs4Vets is a program of DRAFT, that has provided over 2,150 universally designed mobility devices to our Nation's Combat Wounded Veterans, to learn more click our link.

DRAFT and 9147 Clayton, Multi-Generational Housing

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9147 Clayton was created to inspire architects to design, homebuilders to build and homeowners to insist upon a Renaissance in living that will accommodate them throughout their entire lives. This paradigm shift in design allows the benefits of multi-generational living to be enjoyed by families across America.

The project (which began in July 2018) is focused on creating a highly desirable residential solution for all people with an environment which will enhance the quality of life of the aging baby boomer population, people with disabilities and their families and extend their ability to live independently.

We have collaborated extensively with people who have a broad range of disabilities; including multiple amputations, traumatic burn injuries, cognitive impairments, and aging Americans.  By combining the latest in technologies with the elegant use of universal design, 9147 Clayton is a tangible solution to overcoming their real-life challenges and experiences.

ACAA, ADA, and  Guidance Links


Segs4Vets Program

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Department of Justice Title III Public Accommodation

Segway I2

DOJ, Other Power Driven Mobility Device


Department of Transportation, Air Carriers Access Act

2010 ADA Booklet

ADA 2010 Standards of Accessible Design

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New England ADA Center ADA Checklist

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