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500 Fox Ridge Road

Saint Louis, MO  63131





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At this time we're unable to advocate or provide assistance for: Denial of benefits, Employment discrimination, Social Security, VA Benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, Education, Housing, Home Modifications, or Healthcare, Discrimination by Police, Correctional Settings, Wrongful Arrest, Abuse, DMV, Department of Health, Vaccines, or to provide legal advice to be used in a lawsuit.

We provide Advocacy for the use of Universally Designed Mobility Devices, and for compliance with the 2010 ADA Standards of Accessible Design in State and Local Governments, and Public Accommodations.. 

Our goal is to shape public policy and to bring awareness to the benefits that Universally Designed devices can provide to people with disabilities. We advocate and educate these users to be able to properly address instances of denial of access when dealing with a State or Local Government and Public Accommodations, or with Inter-city rail, Amtrack, and Airlines. Please send us a message to contact us and provide enough information to get your message to the correct person.

For a Civil Action Lawsuit please contact a qualified Attorney for legal advice. You may also contact your Regional ADA Center for advice by clicking on the link here. To contact the U.S. Department of Justice click here. To contact the U.S. Department of Transportation click here

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