DRAFT Leadership

Officers and Staff

Aly Gaines, Manager Programs and Events

Zack Reeves, Operations Manager

Lynn Revelle, Bookkeeper

Advisory Board

DRAFT Advocates

General Ed Eberhart (USAF) Ret.

Colonel Barney Barnum (USMC) Ret.

Captain Patti Ireland (USN) Ret.

Commander Mark Henhiser (USN) Ret.

Colonel David Bell (USA) Ret.

Colonel Rebecca Hooper (USA) Ret.

Major Ed Daukscz (USMC) Ret.

Captain Vince Cain (USMC) Ret.

Sergeant Major Todd Hunter (USA) Ret.

Dennis Auping

Bob Bahr

John Brauch

Rep Burks

Jere Fabick

David Ferleger

Kelly Gaines

Robert Giambrone

Micheal Hall

David Herbstreit

Micheal Hollins

Cynthia Hornburg

Mike Kelly

Sally Kisler

Chris Kreutz

Shea Long

Patrick Meeker

Tommy Miller

Scott Nelson

Howard Richards

Dick Segar

George Steese

David Strassman

Specialist Micheal Crawford (USA) Ret.

Staff Sergeant Jay Fondren (USA) Ret.

Staff Sergeant Sam Shockley (USA) Ret.

Sergeant Pete Sutherland (USA) Ret.

Our Mission

Disability Rights Advocates for Technology, DRAFT, was formed in 2004 as an advocate for the adoption of universally designed technology solutions, believing they were the only sustainable approach for continued improvement of quality life issues affecting people with disabilities and the fast approaching day when the baby boomer generation would become senior citizens.


We continue to believe that the opportunities these solutions offer for extending the independent life of the baby boomer generation and people with disabilities will provide extraordinary benefits to our society as a whole.

The Segs4Vets program which DRAFT started in 2005 was intended to be a real-life example of the benefits derived by the utilization of universally designed technology.

Our continued advocacy for the adoption of public policy and a regulatory environment which will be conducive for innovation and the adoption of universally designed technology solutions we believe will play a critical role in solving the profound economic and social challenges facing our society in caring for the aging baby boomer generation.