We Don't Want You Here

The entry doors to this Murphy, North Carolina establishment make it very clear how they feel. No Segways allowed. This is not the first time that I have encountered this problem on a Harrah's property while using a Segway as my chosen mobility device for my disabilities. I was forced to leave the Harrah's in New Orleans while attending a DAV National convention. After several hours with Parish Police, multiple phone calls to Harrah's corporate, and 2 hours of humiliation by their security staff, I was finally granted access to their property. This was my first return trip after several years to give them another try, except this time it is posted on the doors before you can go in.

Title III of the ADA requires places of public accommodation to be accessible to people with disabilities. Although there is no mention of Indian tribes, one federal appellate court has ruled that Title III can apply to public accommodations run by Indian tribes. The court held that Congress intended Title III to be a general statute of applicability, and as mentioned earlier in this article, such statutes have been determined by the federal courts to apply to Indian tribes. Therefore, an Indian tribe is not exempt from the public access provisions of the ADA.

It is time once again to file another complaint for denial of access with the U.S. Attorney Generals office. I will remind all of those reading this, that not fighting to gain access to places like these, while using your chosen mobility device, makes it that much harder for those after you. Self advocacy is extremely important to maintaing your rights as a disabled person. Future updates to follow.....

#ADALaw #DisibilityRights #HarrahsCherokee #DRAFT #Denialofaccess

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