Dealing with Denial of Access

I recieved my Segway from Segs4Vets in April 2009 in San Antonio. My Segway has allowed me to be able to go to places that would normally be out of my reach due to my disabilities. I have visited numerous National Parks, State Parks, traveled thru major Airports, visited the Pentagon all the way down to grocery stores and malls. And as my Segway has provided me with additional mobility, sometimes it becomes an unintentional disability rights discussion with store security guards and managers.

I have had to learn over the last several years that being able to quote the section of the ADA laws pertaining to the use of a Segway by a disabled person may help in most circumstances, but sometimes I am still denied access.When dealing with a denial of access, it's best to get as much info while on site as possible.

Date and time of the denial of access

Location name, Address, and Contact Info

Name of the person who is denying access

Reason for the denial of access

DRAFT can help in reporting the denial of access to the Department of Justice, by providing guidance in helping to report the incident. You are never alone in this process, and not fighting for your own rights may in the future help to the denial of another's rights

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