ALLY Chair Scholarship Program

The Ally Chair is a unique self balancing mobility device that falls under the ADA classification of " Other Powered Mobility Device". The ALLY Chair is a Universally Designed Mobility Device, and is NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE.

DRAFT is currently offering opportunities for those with disabilities who wish to acquire an ALLY Chair to submit an application to obtain a scholarship of varying amounts.

Applicants may apply for a scholarship of varying levels up to and including the full acquisition cost of an ALLY Chair of $17,000.

Disability Rights Advocated For Technology is a 501 (C) (3) public charity which is dependent upon funding from benefactors.Applications will be considered on an individual basis and funding sought to award as many ALLY Chairsas possible to those applicants selected for award. Applications for scholarships and smaller amounts have a higher probability for selection than those in larger amounts Successful scholarship recipients will be required to travel to Saint Louis, Missouri for assessment and training prior to acquiring their device.

Eligibility Requirements

  • ​Must be a U.S. Citizen

  • Must pass an assessment and training prior to approval

  • Must have a mobility disability as defined by the World Health Organization.

  • All applications must be approved by the DRAFT Board.